Stronger together

Based on the vision ‘we are stronger together’, Vreugdenhil Young Plants works closely with Klugt Quality Plants. Together they form the Vreugdenhil-Klugt Combination. As two independent companies we function as one organisation, each with its own identity in the market.

Klugt Quality Plants has branches in De Lier and Bleiswijk. Klugt Quality Plants is a plant nursery with a reliable organisation just like Vreugdenhil Young Plants. Our core values are consistent and there are lots of overlap in the product mix. Both companies also have similar production facilities. Vreugdenhil Young Plants and Klugt Quality Plants possess modern production facilities.

Six growing locations, 43 hectares

Thanks to the two companies’ collaboration we have six growing locations with a total acreage of no less than 43 hectares. It makes us more flexible - especially when cultivating large volumes - and we can exchange knowledge in the field of product development, cultivation development and technology. Our collaboration also optimises marketing & sales, energy management, purchasing, spatial planning and many other operational processes. This results in the continuous improvement of our business practices and the quality of our end products.

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