The entire process in a single pair of hands

The greatest share of floriculture cultivation at Vreugdenhil focuses on starting material. For years we have also been cultivating plants to produce end products for large-scale retailers. Flowering plants such as the Primula Touch Me are cultivated from young plants to produce a beautiful, strong plant with a long-lasting bloom.

We respond to the demand for different volumes in a flexible manner. We can accurately steer crops due to the expertise of our employees, the right production facilities and a flexible organisation.
Vreugdenhil complies with the highest possible certification to safeguard our processes related to quality, hygiene, sustainability and the environment. Examples include MPS-A+, GlobalG.A.P. and Benefits of Nature.
We do everything we can to meet the desired quality requirements of our clients such as retailers, DIY stores and garden centres!

Spring only truly arrives with a primula

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