Care for man, the environment and the surroundings

The authorities demand it, consumers want it, retailers require it: suppliers must ensure their production process is sustainable. This is an area in which we don’t want to be left behind at Vreugdenhil Young Plants. The following examples show that we are keen to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly environment with respect for man and animals.

  • The water used to grow our plants is reused and collected using a recirculation system. We then purify the water using UV filters and our Opticlear Diamond water decontaminator. After being purified and decontaminated the water can be safely reused.
  • We have signed a letter of intent to purchase geothermal heat from Trias Westland. Geothermal heat is a 100% sustainable solution for a complex energy issue. Trias Westland is examining whether the four-km deep Trias layer contains sufficient extractable heat to satisfy a large share of the heat needs in Westland.
  • With the aid of combined heat and power (CHP) we generate power at all locations to use in our greenhouses during cultivation.
  • We possess diverse certificates with which we continuously push ourselves to conduct our business sustainably. This ensures we continue to develop in this area and it guarantees food safety for the consumer.
  • We use organic crop protection methods as much as possible for all products. We use natural enemies to combat disease and plagues where possible and to limit the use of crop protection agents to an absolute minimum.
  • Corporate social responsibility also means taking people into consideration. A focus on talent development, a sense of responsibility for health, safety and enjoyable work. Vreugdenhil continuously strives to be a good employer, now and in the future.

Certification we are proud of

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