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Every day, Vreugdenhil Young Plants lays the foundations for a successful start for many greenhouse vegetable and ornamental plant growers. We have six locations where we cultivate warm-season vegetable plants, young ornamental plants from seed and cuttings and edible pick your own vegetables. We are an expert and customer-oriented partner producing the best quality product as a result. Because only the best will do for you. This has been our business for almost 50 years now.

Vreugdenhil Young Plants is a major player within the greenhouse horticulture sector in the Netherlands. Every day we strive to retain our position among the very best. Optimisation, innovation and collaboration are three of our main core values.


We stand for a high quality product. To us this means continuous improvement and development. This encompasses all business operations, even product development, mechanisation and cultivation surface area. Standing still is not an option at Vreugdenhil Young Plants. Optimisation is always paramount, also in our collaboration with you. We do everything to achieve the very best quality result.


At Vreugdenhil Young Plants we are convinced that innovation never comes to an end. This is why we continuously work on innovation. From breeding to mechanisation, from business practices to certification. We closely monitor developments. And we happily integrate proven techniques and technology that offer added value, in our business.


Collaborating helps us achieve more. There’s a reason why Vreugdenhil Young Plants has many long-standing relationships and is involved in diverse close cooperation partnerships. Therefore collaborating is vitally important to us. We jointly examine the customer’s specific wish. We consider it self-evident that we share our knowledge. This guarantees both parties an optimal result.

Vreugdenhil Young Plants is also a flexible and reliable plant nursery. A business with a positive company culture. We like to look further than our business. Every day we take man, the environment and society into account. Diverse certification also proves that we take sustainability seriously.

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