Pick & Joy®: fresh vegetables from your own home and garden!

Starting out as a Pick your own tomato in 2005, now grown into a fully fledged pick your own vegetable concept: PICK-&-JOY®. It is a pick your own concept that we have been growing for years at Vreugdenhil with a great deal of enthusiasm. Every day we work on concept and product development based on healthy, tasty fruits. Not only can they be picked right away, Pick & Joy also adds a touch of atmosphere to the kitchen, balcony or terrace. The assortment now consists of 16 items.

PICK-&-JOY® consists of different varieties of mini tomatoes, chilli peppers and bell peppers as well as an aubergine, cucumber and strawberry plant. The POTATOM® is a special line in which delicious potatoes can be harvested at the end of the season as well as mini tomatoes. PICK-&-JOY® is a concept for DIY stores, garden centres and supermarkets.

Biological crop protection

We fully manage the breeding and seed production, which means we can immediately respond to market requirements. Consequently product development is also a continuous process. In the cultivation process we use biological crop protection. Bumblebees take care of natural pollination. To be able to guarantee food safety for our consumers, our edible pick your own vegetables are certified in accordance with diverse labels. GlobalG.A.P., MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS Fruit & Vegetables and the highest possible Vita Certa certificate.

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