Cultivating warm-season vegetable plants, our speciality

Millions of warm-season vegetable plants a year: for hundreds of vegetable growers in the Benelux every year their season begins in our greenhouses. With four locations we are an expert and customer-oriented partner for growers particularly of our four main crops: tomato, pepper, cucumber and aubergine.

A customised plant

As a vegetable grower you are looking for a reliable cultivation partner. One that is able to effectively translate your wishes into the very best starting material. Every client has his/her own ideas when it comes to cultivation, lighting and biology. We align your wishes, requirements and experience before, during and after the cultivation process. Vreugdenhil Young Plants offers a great many possibilities. We would be thrilled to jointly devise new cultivation strategies with you.

First and foremost we jointly determine the different product specifications: aspects such as plant type, grafting and topping method, type of substrate, delivery specifications and the use of biology. The use of biology has formed the starting point for us in recent years. If we can use nature to manage diseases and plagues, then we will, of course in consultation with you. Are all your wishes clearly set out? If so, the entire process can begin. From planning to sowing, from sowing to delivery. In between we are frequently in contact with you and adjust the process.

Facilities and certification

In addition to modern greenhouses, assimilation lighting and ebb and flow floors, Vreugdenhil also possesses modern equipment to be able to guarantee optimal quality. You will find that our facilities include an Opticlear Diamond water decontamination installation, which combined with our UV installations, offers optimal water purification and decontamination.
Our strict hygiene protocol goes hand in hand with the application of misting installations, disinfecting equipment for tubs and trays and a washing station for carts. This approach allows us to keep viruses, moulds and crop protection agent residues to an absolute minimum.
To safeguard our processes related to quality, hygiene, sustainability and the environment, Vreugdenhil complies with the highest possible certification. These include GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practises), MPS-A and GlobalG.A.P.

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