Cucumber plant cultivation

The cucumber is still one of the three largest fruiting vegetable crops grown in greenhouses in our country. The crop has also increased significantly at Vreugdenhil Young Plants. In recent years we have allocated an ever greater space in our greenhouses to grow cucumber plants all year round.

As a specialist grower of high quality starting material we know precisely which requirements good plant material must satisfy. We determine the cultivation strategy in consultation with you. We discuss the cultivation, lighting, biology and product specifications such as the type of block, choice of material, variety etc. Once all the requirements are clear we get started. From planning to sowing, from sowing to delivery. In between there are regular contact moments with you, offering the ideal opportunity to adjust the process. This allows us to produce the optimal quality product you have in mind.

Biological applications for cultivation & certification

Vreugdenhil attaches great importance to the use of biology for growing cucumber plants. We are actually pioneers in this area. Maximum biological cultivation reduces chemical pressure and facilitates a healthy start. In addition to biology, food safety and sustainability are paramount to Vreugdenhil. We comply with important certification for vegetable plant cultivation, namely GSPP, MPS-A and Global G.A.P.

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