Starting material for the floriculture sector

In close collaboration with our international partners growing young plants for the floriculture sector has become an important activity. We have evolved to become a specialist in this field. Cultivating young plants from seed and cuttings is the daily passion practiced by our skilled employees.

We cultivate products such as annuals and perennials from seed and cuttings, violets, primulas, cyclamen and specialities from meristem. With our extensive knowledge and experience combined with a strong organisation, modern greenhouses, mechanisation and sustainable business operations we provide our partners with total peace of mind. Everything naturally takes place with mutual consultation: after all, cooperation is one of our core values.

In order to safeguard the entire cultivation process and take into account nature and the environment, Vreugdenhil Young Plants has obtained certification for cultivating starting material. Examples include MPS-A and GlobalG.A.P.

Our processes focus on optimal quality, hygiene and sustainability

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Mechanisation cutting

Millions of cuttings a year are cut by hand as well as with cutting robots. In recent years there has been invested in a hypermodern machine park which consists of cutting robots, robots and selection machines.

The machinery contributes to a more efficient way of working and labour savings, which makes the processing of large numbers possible and has a positive influence on cost control. In addition, and this is perhaps the most important argument, it ensures an even more uniform start in the rooting of the single and perennial cuttings. After all, the cuttings are all inserted into the plug at the same depth.

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