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Our Pick-&-Joy® vegetable plants already attract a lot of attention from consumers thanks to their attractive label and coloring fruit. We have various POS materials at our disposal to bring this to the attention of the store shelf. Posters, pot covers, table cards, cart strips, sales display, these are just a few examples. We also have extensive brochures and various flyers in several languages. You can download these via this website, see link below. Do you have a specific wish or interest in one of our POS materials? We are happy to help you!

Click here to download our brochures, flyers, table cards and sales display

Brochures, flyers, tablecards and sales display

Presentation Pick-&-Joy® range and presentation materials

Durable POS Materials

The Pick-&-Joy® vegetable plants are grown under the highest possible certifications such as MPS-A, Global G.A.P. and GRASP. Of course, we keep a close eye on the latest developments with regard to POS materials in order to minimize our impact on the environment. Our POS materials consist as much as possible of sustainable materials such as cardboard, paper and ERC-approved laminates.

Our vegetables with fruit are grown in a recycleble pot made from recycled plastic. The great advantage of this pot is that after the consumer deposits this pot in the grey bin, i.e. with the residual waste, the waste processing lines are able to separate this pot. The pot can then go into recycling and be used to produce new pots. In this way, the circle is complete and this process contributes significantly to sustainable production.