Are you a greenhouse grower of a different fruiting vegetable crop such as tomato, pepper or cucumber? If so, we would be delighted to be of service to you. Our extensive experience means we are also familiar with other greenhouse grown vegetables. Aubergines and courgettes are prime examples.

The areas in which we are strong in other popular fruiting vegetables also applies to more vegetables: growing a customised high quality plant. Physical cultivation occurs at one of our four locations in which the process always takes place with effective cooperation with you.

Facilities and certification

We adopt strict quality standards in our operational processes. We possess modern facilities: greenhouses, assimilation light, ebb and flow flooring, sorting machines, a potting line and stick inserter. With an Opticlear Diamond water decontamination installation combined with UV installations, water is purified and decontaminated for reuse.

Our strict hygiene protocol also includes the use of misting installations, disinfecting equipment for tubs and trays and a washing station for carts. As a result viruses, bacteria and moulds have virtually no chance. To safeguard our processes related to quality, hygiene, sustainability and the environment, Vreugdenhil complies with the highest possible certification. These include GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practises), MPS-A and GlobalG.A.P.

More information about our cultivation processes?

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