Pick-&-Joy®: pick and enjoy!

A self-grown mini tomato or mini cucumber from your very own kitchen. Many consumers enjoy growing their own vegetables. And it’s easy: with Pick-&-Joy®! It’s a consumer concept from Vreugdenhil Young Plants kitchen: vegetable plants to finish cultivating at home with products that can be eaten fresh!

Our Pick-&-Joy® concept enables us to respond to consumers’ interest in where their food comes from and do some gardening themselves. The fruiting vegetable plants whose products can be picked right away are produced in a sustainable manner and taste delicious.

Vreugdenhil Young Plants grows the Pick-&-Joy assortment in accordance with the same strict standards as the starting material for the professional horticulture sector. We use biological crop protection to repel harmful insects and preserve the natural balance. What’s more Pick-&-Joy® products are pollinated with the help of bumblebees.

Certification in accordance with MPS-A and GlobalG.A.P. clearly demonstrate that we take our sustainable responsibility seriously.

Customised Pick-&-Joy®

Several million Pick-&-Joy® fruiting vegetables are delivered to a large part of Europe from March up to and including July. Due to our large assortment of pick your own vegetables clients can compile the required mix with the desired delivery specifications.

A growing assortment

The Pick-&-Joy® assortment already includes 22 different types: mini tomatoes, chilli peppers, bell peppers, mini cucumbers, mini aubergines, strawberries and basil. Vreugdenhil Young Plants is continuously expanding the assortment through product development and its own breeding programme. This means consumers can constantly vary their choice and we can continue to surprise them. Also, for example, with specials such as the Potatom®. The Potatom® is a plant that produces tomatoes as well as potatoes. Unique and surprising!
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