Highly skilled at cultivating tomato plants

The tomato occupies the largest acreage of greenhouse-grown fruiting vegetables in our country. Vreugdenhil is a reliable tomato cultivation partner. All year round our four locations offer all the facilities for top quality starting material. Before and during the cultivation process we agree specific requirements with you in order to deliver your desired customised plant.

A customised plant

The starting points for cultivation, lighting and biology differ for each grower. Therefore Vreugdenhil offers a great many possibilities. We are also happy to jointly reflect with you on new cultivation strategies. In each case we run through the product specifications with you: grafted or not, topped or not, the topping method, plant age, type of substrate and use of biology. Sound appealing? Only then do we begin the cultivation process. Of course there is every opportunity to contact you, or for you to pay us a visit during the cultivation process.

Safeguarding processes

Our processes focus on optimal quality, hygiene and sustainability. In order to safeguard these aspects Vreugdenhil complies with the highest possible certification such as GSPP (Good Seed and Plant Practises), MPS-A and GlobalG.A.P. Certification is not the only thing that offers you certainty. At Vreugdenhil you will also find modern greenhouses, the latest purification installations (Opticlear Diamond), mechanisation and the right professional expertise. All so that we can achieve your desired results.

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